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1st – No Zoom Mondays Post

Mondays! Yes, Mondays – BLUCK! If you’re anything like me, Mondays used to be a day of back to back to back ZOOM mtgs. Staff calls, forecast calls, one on one calls, and more. Always, and I mean, ALWAYS – I had 15+ hours of “required” mtgs overlapping that I couldn’t possibly keep up with. Heck, making matters worse, I used to wonder/worry about my Monday’s starting early on Sunday morning. Anxious and restless because I knew I needed to get ready for the work week, preparing for my staff call/team mtg, etc.

Bottom-line: I burned out. Monday’s were no longer fun and I finally made a decision that this needed to STOP. That said, I recently left my employer of 26+ yrs to try something new – basically to retire from high tech to the high country! My goal is to stay retired for at least a year and I figure to do this, I will need to stay in action and re-define my Mondays! I also decided to blog about it, because this will keep me focused on staying away from another job for at least a year! In addition, I’m hoping to inspire others to do the same! Again, going forward Mondays (and any other day for that matter) are going to be for doing something new, with NO ZOOM mtgs in sight!!!

March 8th was my 1st Monday retired from high tech, high stress! So, in the essence of my re-defining Mondays, my girlfriend – Beth – aka “Live Wire” and I tried something new – we went camping at CapRock Canyons State Park in Texas. Wonderful!!!

1st No Zoom Monday – PRICELESS!

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  1. Big believer in re-defining mondays since January 2018….44 years in hi-tech was enough (you think) …. now spending 15 hours and 220 miles plus on the bike weekly and spoiling the 3 grandkids …. happy as a clam

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