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Recently retired from a high tech, high stress career! Current goal – stay retired for at least a year. For us, we know it’s going to take a different mindset and actions to do this, hence NoZoomMondays! As they say – where the mind goes, the body will follow!!!

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What we’re doing differently on Mondays (and any other day for that matter) to reach our goals of staying retired for at least one year!

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Lots of Engineering, Sales, Retail, and Business in our backgrounds. Join us for the journey in and around retirement!

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Jeff’s Story

56 years on the planet, with over 40 of those working. To say my job and work accomplishments defined me is an understatement!! That said, I recently made a choice to retire from the last company I worked at for the last 26yrs. Lots of reasons, but in short – it was time. I needed a life change, different goals, and new life experiences.

Latest life goal: stay retired for at least one year. You see – it’d be way easier for me to just go back to work – but I’m up for a bigger challenge at this point in my life. I want to live life differently going forward – hence NoZoomMondays!

I started this blog/vlog to keep me focused on reaching my goal. Documenting my trials and tribulations on my new life journey. I plan to blog/vlog on many things – finance, travel, food, minimalism, backpacking, high pointing states, adventures, service work, and tons more. In short, I plan to stay in action to achieve the one year retirement goal I have, so keep coming back and learn more about retirement and join in on the fun!

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